Tuesday, September 15, 2009

What I've been up to.

It started Saturday morning when I started making more tops to deliver. My pattern for the "prairie dress" came in and I decided I was up for a challenge. I didn't know it would take me four hours to make this dress but I kept with it pausing briefly to take my daughter driving. She is eligible for her permit in two weeks so we've been prepping her. I returned home sick to my stomach because of all the quick turns she took and got back to work.

I love how it turned out and with every challenge you learn a lot so the next time I make this dress I hope to do it in half the time.

I also made more salsa. We have friends that offered this salsa every time we had dinner at their house so one day I asked for the recipe. He wouldn't give it to me sighting it's top secret nature. I begged him until he gave in. He called me about a week before Christmas maybe five years ago and told me that his present to me would be a lesson in making this salsa. I went to his house one Sunday afternoon and learned to top secret recipe. He asked me never to divulge the secrets contained in these jars. My friends were very put out that I wouldn't give them the recipe. "I took an oath" I would tell them. They all said "well then you'll just have to make it for us" so that's what I do. This batch turned out pretty hot, you never know when your going to get that super hot jalapeno. Woops, I think I've said too much. Over and out.


Kimberly said...

I get it! I hsve two different recipes I use for hot sauce, and I don't divulge them. No, not ever, to anyone!! I never know exactly what it is going to come out tasting like. It is good as the ONION and then the pepper!!

This dress is darling!! Good job.
xxx kim

Anonymous said...

OMG, Shelly! quite the little homemaker you are. The dress looks fabulous on you!

Anonymous said...


LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the dress!!! Bring it to Temecula so I can try it on, haha. You are such a great seamstress, that takes a lot of talent and you got it girlfriend!!

As for the salsa...... Yours is awesome but..... enough said.


domestic bliss said...

Cute dress Shelly!!! Hey, where's my salsa???? YUMMMMMM.

Dorie said...

Shelly!! Love your little bully!! My sweet baby's name is Wallace, and I adore him!Best dogs EVER :) and mmmmmm that salsa looks TASTY!!


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