Wednesday, September 9, 2009


There is still so much to do! I need to make the curtains, including one for the pantry door, start the back splash tile and decorate. My husband has been very nice about the amount of time that is has taken for me to finish this project. We do have one disagreement. He loves the black pantry door, I want to paint it creamy white like the bay window walls. What do you think?

You know some crown molding would sure look nice. Oh darling!!

New lamps are in order or maybe I'll just have to paint them.

I've begged to paint the cabinets white but that's just not gonna happen. I've been collecting dishes from my jaunts to the antique shops and can't wait to replace the green and red dishes even though I love those dishes. My husbands grandmothers (or great grandmother, I can't remember) dishes hang on the wall in the plate rack. I love them. Marti has been painting little paintings that are perfect for small areas. Don't forget to let me know what you think about the black door. I'll show my husband your comments.

**My favorite father in law doesn't know how to put his comments where they belong (and I mean that in the kindest way possible) so I'll put it here because it's too funny to waste.

"Its a joke,right? That black door stands out like a whore in church! It MUST go or dump the old man and git yourself someone with a few more sensibilities. The man is a cretin! Dump his ass. Then paint the damn door creamy something"


Kimberly said...

I love the black door!! but I don't see anything else black to tie it in. I just finished painting my kitchen cabinets black (it took me three months to do... can you say ADD?) I love them!! I had wanted to paint them creamy white as well and my entire family said NO! (Last year I painted the entire house creamy white.) On a whim I went with black.

Do I see Franciscan Apple plates in that rack?? My all time favorite!! I have Desert Rose. My mother talked me into Desert Rose when we were getting married, and I've always regretted not getting the apple. I hope those aren't the ones you want to get rid of. What are you thinking???
Love your kitchen. I can't wait to see the curtains and hear who wins the pantry door.
xxx kim

Anonymous said...

Paint the door. And give/loan me the black lamp if you don't paint it. The black doesn't look good now. It's too harsh for your new colors.


Anonymous said...

my turn.
keep the cool black door.
put some blue curtains in the door.
add black elsewhere put the farmhouse table back.
rooms floating.................
jeff,you need to take back your kitchen

Anonymous said...

it was his grandma.
they are beautiful plates


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