Thursday, November 13, 2008


This is a picture of my daughters room. She has three ultra pure white walls and one very black wall. I'm trying to throw in some white and red check for that french country look but she won't let me. My friend Janine sells the vinyl lettering and I told Hannah she could pick out something for her wall. She picked this. It actually looks pretty cool. Janine and Kim put it up on the wall while Sandy and I sat and watched. We didn't want to get in their way. Hannah's been reading Stephanie Meyer's blog and told me that the idea of the vampires in the Twilight Saga came from a dream. Well.....I had a dream the other night! It was a really good dream. Don't go perve on me now just let me tell you about it.

The setting was what felt like Greece. There were a lot of white stucco buildings everywhere and Palm Trees. I think it was by the ocean. It could have been Santorini. I was in my early twenties and had a boyfriend, a really cute boyfriend, he looked like Zach Ephram. Now in this world when you were born you had to put a necklace on and wear it for the rest of your life. You could never take it off. The necklace was a simple thin, brown leather string with a very beautiful pendant. The pendant was oval shaped with a blue oval stone in the middle. The weird thing about the stone was that it could light up. When it lit up you had to report immediately to the ruler of the world and that was not a good thing. He was a very wicked and evil man. One could go their whole life without the pendant turning on but my boyfriend's pendant went on!!! We were walking around the city after he had come back from seeing the Ruler which was weird because one rarely came back from seeing the Ruler. The evil Ruler had a fondness for my boyfriend because he was smart and cunning. We came to an outdoor restaurant and started planning our escape. No one had ever been called twice but my boyfriend knew that the Ruler needed him so we were going to leave just to be safe. We wanted to run away and hide out forever with the outsiders who stayed far away from civilization. We had just started eating our lunch when my boyfriends light went on. We both put our hands in the air and yelled NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

Now that's what I call a dream. It was awesome. What will happen next? Let's finish this story.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for commenting on my page Shelly!

Your daughters wall is amazing! I have ALWAYS wanted a black wall or powder room:)

I love the peacemakers necklace, you are very talented. You like color like I do:)

Anonymous said...

The wall looks totally awesome! You must have really good friends who help you hang such things! Your dream was cool too. I can never remember mine!

Love ya!

Cant wait for the 6th!



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