Tuesday, February 7, 2012

In Vino Veritas

 My mom and I took a little trip to California over the weekend.  We went to visit my cousin's daughter, Monica.  She would be my second cousin but I think we kinda decided we're just cousin's.  Monica's grandmother manages this quaint French restaurant called the Beaurivage.

 It's in Malibu just a stones throw from Cher's house.  It has a spectacular view of the ocean looking towards Catalina Island.
 We were very pleased to meet Daniel Forge, owner of the Beaurivage.  He's the sweetest little Frenchman I've ever met.

 When I walked by this case full of wine and champagne I got trapped.  I was craning my neck to read all the labels.  Only the best in French Champagne is offered at the Beau. 
 I can't even tell you how excited I was to be invited to go down into the wine cellar.  All the bottles you see here are empty.  The good stuff was kept behind a thick wooden door with a padlock.  Damn.

 The food was exquisite.  I had the sole with a heavenly caper sauce.  Swiss chard is my new favorite veggie. 
As we sat at the "Johnny Carson" table and indulged in champagne, wine and Jack Daniels we toasted à notre santé.  French for "to our health!!!"  Thank you Monica, Annette and Daniel for my French lesson and a wonderful meal.

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