Monday, January 30, 2012

Valentine Goodies (wholesale prices)

 Turquoise Bracelet $100.00
 Big heart necklace with 14k gold bail $150.00
 Sterling silver heart bracelet $60.00
 Chrysophrase and Peruvian opal drusey necklace $250.00

 Peace Maker charm on sterling silver chain $45.00
 Rustic heart on sterling ball chain. 45.00  I have three of these.
 Blue bird of Happiness charm on heart chain. $65.00
 Fine silver heart on ball chain.  45.00

 Moonstone with gaspeite and crystal wrapped heart.  $120.00

 Sleeping Beauty turquoise on hand made chain with heart pendant.  $160.00

 Heart pendant on silver chain.  $60.00
Sterling silver bangle.  $40.00 each.  Dog bone.  Peace.  Dog bone, heart and peace sign.
All prices are wholesale until Feb. 14th.  Email me at  Or call 480-250-3005.


tom@morethanpepper said...

love your work and the dog too! tom

Adelaide said...

The Big heart necklace is so cute!


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