Monday, October 26, 2009


I went to a Halloween party this weekend and was amazed by the amount of fun adults can still have with this holiday. The whole Flintstone family was there, the Teletubbies (creepy), Ron Jeremy and Jenna Jamison (I mean wow!) and everything in between. I went as Cleopatra.

This is me with my arm around my husband who came as the Invisible Man. He's anti-social a lot of the time but everyone's used to that.

Here's the whole gang. Everybody dressed up to the max. It was such a fun party and everyone was having a good time and I met some new very nice people. Thank you again Jodi and Eric for hosting another epic Halloween party. The photos were taken by Larry Slater.


Beach Vintage said...

Thanks for the chuckle about the invisible man, I needed it.

corine said...

How fun. You make a beautiful cleopatra.

domestic bliss said...

fun shelly! LOVE it!!!

Anonymous said...

GOOD TIMES! and you were a beautiful Cleo - Queen of Denial!!! LOL



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