Tuesday, October 13, 2009

An Artist Admiring an Artist Admiring an Artist

I met Kimi Kolba through my friend Kim Kolba some years back. Confused? My friend Kim married Kimi's brother thus the same names. Kimi's photography is displayed all over Kim and Carter's house and I have admired it for a long time. She just recently started her own blog and I'm so excited for her.

Kimi got the opportunity to photogragh the artwork of Heather Frazier, an artist that Kimi really admires.

These mobiles are so cool and I think Kimi's skills make them even cooler.


honestly kimberly said...

Shelly! I'm honored. Thank you so much.

Anne Marie said...

very artistic!

and yup- that's me on my header ;)

koralee said...

I love these...the way colour is used is amazing. Thank you for sharing and what a lovely lovely blog you have!

Anonymous said...

Another nice post!



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