Monday, August 24, 2009


of attending a duel birthday party at a friends house. Richard and Sisto (the bday boys) grew up with my husband in Chandler. The party was at Richards house. It was catered by El Sol and there was a DJ. It was really more like a multi year Chandler reunion. We had so much fun.

These pictures are from Richards house. He designed the house and had it built up on San Tan mountain. The first two shots are of the upper living room or theater room. With a click of the remote all the shades come down and a screen comes down far above the fire place. It's spectacular. You feel like your in an actual theater but its comfy.

This is the view from the theater room down into the main living room. All the stone that you see was quarried on the premises. The rest is made of adobe brick. The floors are dyed cement. I like the green color he picked.

This is the view looking from the theater room into the library. The doors go out to the vast expanse of porches.

The porch up stairs wraps around three quarters. I love the slate tile.

Back inside to the master bedroom. This is looking from the doorway out to the back porch. Richard is a bachelor and between you and me could use more of a feminine touch in places:)

I had to change my camera to sunset to get the glass bricks to show up. In between the adobe he slid in some thin glass block. It's all over the house.

I really love the green light that comes through.

Here is the view from the bedroom through the hall with very large closets on each side to the bathroom.

The bathroom is fabulous. The shower has a glass door that opens out to the porch. I want to call it a balcony but its just too big so I'm calling it the porch. The "water closet" also has a door that opens to the front upper porch.

All the wood in the house is mesquite including the stairs and the floor in his office. You can't see it but up to the right of the picture is a landing with a full size man of armor. Did I mention he is a bachelor?

Here is a view at the bottom of the stairs.

The kitchen is kind of small, this is the eating area. I took some pictures of the kitchen but it being a party there was a lot of stuff all over the counters so you couldn't really see it in it's full glory. Richard spared no expense on the appliances.

This is the foyer. All of the doors through out the house are heavy mesquite wood. The hardware is really great.

Down in the main living room is a fantastic fire place. The stone goes up twenty feet or higher.

This is looking up back into the theater room. Look at all the exposed adobe brick.

Out to the koi pond. Here is a little sitting area over looking the grand views.

The gates were all hand made on the premises.

The steps lead you down to the therapeutic hot tube.

The views from the negative edge pool are breath taking.

Under the Ramada was the buffet brought to you by El Sol. It was delicious.

Just a look back at the party getting underway. There' Richard on the far right.

Looking towards the koi pond.

I've been up here on very clear days and the Superstition Mountains look so close. Red mountain is so beautiful from here too.

What can I say about this picture. It's just breath taking,

There were misting systems through out the yard and we sometimes felt like we were in the tropics.

Misty. I had straightened my hair that night but came home with an afro.

My husband (middle) had such a good time getting together with his oldest friends and telling stories. We laughed all night.

If any of you think you recognize the two fellows sitting on the left, they were in TVlands "Class Reunion" reality show. They were the bad boy, trouble makers but they were good on this night.


Marti Beson said...

i didnt recognize jeff..............
true story
in the matt and brian photo

Kimberly said...

What an amazing house house!!!! Wow, you, Valley People really got it goin' on!!! I hope you wore something precious that you made!!
xxx kim

Kimberly said...

Oh, I've got to tell you the very first TVland "Class Reunion" was from my High School, JJ Pearce... the class 3 years after me. Too funny!
xxx kim


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