Sunday, April 19, 2009


I've been busy making new jewelry for the soiree next month and I'm pleased with how this bracelet turned out. It's a stunning twinkling drusey set in a "fancy" bezel that sits atop a nice three banded cuff.

Around to the back of the cuff is a bank of bezel set pink crystals.

It feels good on the wrist, substantial and comfortable. I will be putting all of my new designs in my Etsy store for you out of towners and you can be sure I will have them available at our bohemian boutique.

** Oh and I loved the movie. Drew and Jessica could not have done a better job portraying the Edie's. What a story!


Anonymous said...

Very pretty, Shelly. I love the crystals on the end. My 3-year old saw it and wants it! (She thinks she can have whatever jewelry she wants.)

sharon crescent said...

very pretty.

Anonymous said...

So I didn't get around to the slipcover...but I will! Speaking of wallpaper, i need me some of that. What is the brand of wallpaper you bought?

vicki archer said...

A gorgeous bracelet and perfect for summer, xv.

Shawn said...

LOVE the bracelet. Elegant but fun! And great to hear you loved the movie. I had my sweetheart tivo it for me so hopefully I'll get to watch it soon. :)

Oh, and hopefully I'll get back to blogging again soon. Things have been hectic but they're starting to settle down.

Wish I lived close enough to make it to the boutique!


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