Sunday, March 1, 2009


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It was such a beautiful day around here and I was home all by myself so I thought I would go around to my favorite areas of my home a snap a few shots. ENJOY!!!!

*When my husband came home I showed him my masterpiece but all he said was "isn't shea spelled chet?" Crap he's right!! I couldn't go back and change it on Smilebox so I just changed it on the blog. I hope Corrine at Hidden In France isn't too disappointed in me:)

**Lucky for me the very French Corrine corrected both Jeff and I. It's CHEZ. So I changed it again. I need a French spellcheck (maybe that could be Corrine:)


Casey said...

Loved it Shelly. Thank you for sharing and for giving me a bit of inspiration!! Have a great day.


Anonymous said...

That is extremely cool! and beautiful!!

corine said...

Okay, let me settle the dispute. It is 'chez' pronounce chet (or shea come to think of it.)

the pix are beautiful. Love the dark rose painting. Which part of the world are lobelia in full bloom? i am konfiouzed.

also: I think you're overworking those doggies.

Shelly Beson said...

Thanks Corrine and I live in Arizona where we're in full spring mode. It's freakin glorious.

Anonymous said...

Love the slideshow. And I have now added you back to my blog roll. I hope you are having a great weeekend too!

Shelly Beson said...



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