Saturday, February 28, 2009

Mr. Everett

Last night I attended the annual fund raiser for the Gilbert Historical Museum. It was held once again at Eddie Basha's art gallery which houses his vast collection of Native American artwork. Oil paintings, drawings, sculptures, woven baskets and jewelry filled the walls, shelves and glass cases. Of course I'm drawn to the jewelry cases with the sterling silver handmade beads and the squash blossom necklaces. My mother finally found her squash blossom necklace that she promised me and I'm hoping to be wearing it very soon (it being my birthday today and all:) Native American art isn't my style but I cannot help being moved by the painted faces and the ghostly men on horseback, its really breathtaking.

While Jeff and I were enjoying our delicious dinner I spotted a teacher I had in high school. Bob Everett was my American Problems teacher, he was also the football and baseball coach. I walked up to him and quickly told him my name because I think its cruel to ask someone "do you remember me" and put them on the spot. He remembered me immediately partly due to the fact that he and my mother went to Gilbert High together. We talked about the class of '82 and I told him that I had just recently joined Facebook and through out some of the names of my fellow Gilbert alum. Mr. Everett was every body's favorite teacher. He was always in a good mood and was funny and had such a great report with all of his students. I did very well in his class and keep up on all things political to this day. I would like to invite all of my facebook friends to say a few words about Mr. Everett and I'll make sure he sees it. I think everyone has a favorite teacher that helped shape them or move them in a positive direction and for me that teacher is Bob Everett.


Anonymous said...

I couldn't wait to go to your blog spot to read what you wrote about Mr. Everett. He was my first hour teacher my Senior year and I have to say he let me off the hook quite a few times with my tardiness. I lived right down the street from the High School, but it was hard for me to get up every morning due to working and cheer. He believed in me and I appreciate him for just being understanding and for giving me an A in that class. My Aunt Sharon Bonds went to school with him too. I wish my daughter could have had him as a teacher at GHS. She swears he was a substitute in one of her classes. I will always remember that friendly face.
Thanks, Pam Cobb-Fiacco GHS class of 1983

Rundells said...

I loved Mr. Everett. I actually learned something in his class. He was one of my favorite teachers. It was also fun to go on the baseball trips with him as a Diamond Doll too. He was a great teacher and coach that really cared about his students. Being a teacher now I realize how unappreciated teachers are so here is a very much deserved "THANK YOU" to Mr. Everett.

Anonymous said...

Gosh, I loved being in his class. His style of teaching made you want to hear and learn what he was saying...I would shush Ronna who sat behind him. I too liked the rapport he had with his students, you knew he cared! said...

What can one say about Mr. Everett? icon seems about right! he is the kind of teacher that you usually see in films! and we were lucky enough to be in that film!!! i was lucky (not always so lucky maybe...i seem to remember getting busted watching 16mm films of a certain nature when we were supposed to be watching game films, LOL) to have grown up 2 doors down from him... he is more than a teacher, he is an example to look up to, a mentor, a driver, a leader and sometimes even a friend. thanks for helping us become... us.

your staunch admirer,
John Hutson


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