Sunday, December 14, 2008


Isn't this picture beautuful?!! I found it at Paris Essence blog. It's a Paris style Christmas display.....and it's pink! I hope to someday go to France, my first choice would be Italy but France comes in a close second.

Last night my favorite father in law and his wife came over ( I dare not say my favorite mother in law because I have two and I wouldn't want to start something) and we went out to eat then came home and got in the hot tube with two bottles of champagne. Decedent, I know. So we're sitting there and my husband sees a shooting star then another then another and then Dee (mil) says "oh yeah there's a meteor shower tonight". We probably saw twenty shooting stars between the four of us then the clouds came in and they came in fast. The moon was wanning but just barley and it moved in and out of the clouds, it was such a nice evening. Look to the stars whenever you can, it's funny how the night sky was vital to our everyday lives eons ago and now we go months without even considering it.

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