Thursday, August 21, 2008

Glaring Oversite

My favorite Father-in-Law sent me this email enraged that I didn't give proper recognition to his obvious talent in the art of photography. The rage would be found in his excessive sarcasm. In future I will insert his name up and around said photograph. Up and around, Kim, up and around.


I had occasion to peruse your website and found it better than average in most respects.Most entertaining and informative. Only one obvious oversight glared at me from your otherwise splendid coverage of your life and times. Who was the genius responsible for those astounding black and white renderings of your kids? ( I assume they are your children though you appear much too young to have children so grown up. Are they adopted, or your husband's kids from an earlier dalliance? He certainly looks old enough!) No matter, but I must know the name of the most wonderful and talented person responsible for those photos. It is easily the highlight of your website. Was it you?


Photo by Kim Beson

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