Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me

 In the beginning there are balloons, clowns and lots of giggling little girls.  Then comes the skate parties, whether ice or roller.  The teen years bring dancing and just being as crazy as possible.  Then it's twenty one and Vegas and........you know the saying.  Now it's 48.  Or twelve in leap years. 
 Now it's beautiful, warm and ever so lovely dinner parties.  It's great food and the best champagne and the sweetest of friends. 
 It's laughing and singing (karaoke) and talking about totally inappropriate subjects that are under the "Vegas" rule. 
 It's sharing and caring and being comfortable even in the momentary silences. 
 It's feeling completely at home and at peace when surrounded by kind and giving friends.
 It's having open and honest conversations about what kind of "procedure" you would like to get and to hear your friends say "oh, you don't need that!"  It's a hug when you've berated yourself for eating that second or third cupcake. 

 It's being deep and quoting Hemingway when he wrote, "Hunger is the best gravy," just to be proved wrong by Ruth's "Gravy is the best gravy."   Right you are Ruth, right you are.
 It's having exceptionally talented friends that can make tea towels for my travel trailer by hand.  Isn't that the cutest towel.  Can't wait to hang them in L.T.
 It's the magic of capturing photos that we will always treasure.  I love this one.
 And this one.
 Now it's being grateful for everything and wondering what you did to have such a great life. 
Now it's having great friends that can give you that party that only girlfriends can. 


Kim (our wonderful host and kick ass cook)
Ruth (co-host extraordinaire)
Our similarities bring us to a common ground; Our differences allow us to be fascinated by each other.


Anonymous said...

This is exquisite. So glad to be a part of the celebration and to share your birthday with you. - DMcB

Anonymous said...

You are a priceless gift. Loved spending time with you and dear friends on your special leap day! xoxoxoxo-


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