Saturday, February 18, 2012

Loved it !!!

I wish I had the gift that all great writers have.  It's not the mechanics of writing, it's the depth of feeling and the gift of being able to move one so deeply with the choice and cadence of the words.  Am I stating the obvious?   I loved this book not for the "other worldliness" of it that I'm so fond of but for the way Anne Rice tackles the human condition.  On the Kindle you can save certain passages in Notes and Marks.  "Willie's death gave the affair a certain gravity, a musical accompaniment in the minor key." A musical accompaniment in the minor key.  I love that.

Just before "The Wolf Gift" I read "The Breath of God," by Jeffrey Small.  If you were a fan of "The Di Vince Code,"  you'll love this book.  I saved this particular passage in my "notes."  "A Chinese Zen teacher one said, ' When you are full of doubt and uncertainty, even a thousand books of scripture are not sufficient; but when you truly understand, even one word is too much."  I was talking to a friend that was also reading "The Breath of God" and I mentioned that paragraph to her and she said it moved her too and she saved it in her notes. 

I would recommend both of these books to you and would love to hear what you thought.


Sugar Plums & Lollipops said...

I love Di Vinci Code! I will definitely read this. I always read books and wish I had the talent to write a novel too. I have so many ideas but just don't know how to get it down on paper. Thank you for sharing this book.

Anonymous said...

I am a librarian and have been struggling with J. Small's book for almost 2 weeks ever hopeful I will get hooked. Yes the Chinese Zen master quote got me, being a Zen practitioner myself...I stopped to write the quote down on my computer and went looking for the "real" name of the Zen teacher and I came upon your blog.

I did not read the DaVinci Code and don't plan to. I lived in Rome one summer while on an archaeological dig of an Etruscan tomb. From what I learned about the book it feels trite to me in it's mission to tell a story that is so unrealistic. I was an Anthropology major as an undergrad and I read mostly non-fiction spiritual books. When I saw this book all over facebook I kept it on my list of must reads.

I am sorry to report I will celebrate the ending yet I still have faith it "may" get better. This author self published and it is very clear he had no or then very poor editors.

I so wanted this to be a great read and am sorely disappointed. Perhaps finding the Zen quote is and will be the highlight. I Hope Not. Back to the Rock pile of "The Breather of God".


Shelly Beson said...

Dear Anonymous, I didn't read "The Da Vinci Code" either. I did read "Angels and Demons" and thought it so ludicrous that I had no desire to read DVC. In "The Breath of God" I did find I needed more Zen and less drama. Thanks for your comment, Shelly


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