Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Bali Dinner

 Friday night I attended a dinner party with a Bali theme.  We were asked to add some Bali flair to our attire.  Some of us were asked to bring a dish and some of us were asked to bring champagne.  I brought champagne.  I decided to splurge and bring Veuve Clicquot, one of my favorites.  As a surprise to the party guests I also brought a hookah.
 I wish I could remember the names of all the dishes.  There's curry chicken, tabbouleh and other delectable things.
 Entertainment was planned to every ones delight.  She even gave us lessons.  I knew that someday my spare tire would come in handy. 
 Ruth, the party planner extraordinaire (and fan of the hookah) and her husband, Justin, put so much love and work into this dinner.  It's is quite literally the best dinner party I have ever been to.

 Then came the henna.  We all took turns creating designs on each others feet.  I woke up the next morning smelling of the exotic flower.  I was instantly reminded of my lovely evening the night before.

 Even some of the husbands got into the act.  I thought it was so sweet.
 Our gracious host, Ruth.
That would be quite a harem.


Rio Understiller said...

That looks like such a fun party!!

Sugar Plums & Lollipops said...

How Fun!!!! I need a night like that with all of my girlfriends. I'm a new follower from sugarplumsandlollipops.blogspot.com come and follow me too:)


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