Sunday, September 18, 2011

Your Moment of Zen

Equanimity, or the steadiness of the mind, is the attitude most prized in Buddhism, not only because it is the state that causes the practice of loving-kindness and compassion, but because it leads to spiritual freedom. A well balanced person never takes offense. Within bodhichitta, or the wish to become enlightened so that you may help others to realize enlightenment, you can recognize the enemy an opportunity to practice restraint and tolerance. You can also practice these for the sake of others. Compassion is based on realizing the equality between yourself and others.


corine said...

Oh my I am so far from this ideal... but I love the idea of zen so much...

robin said...

great post Shelly.

It's so hard to "steady the mind" sometimes, but it hurts like hell when you don't and fall off that "balance beam"!


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