Wednesday, September 15, 2010


What on earth is going on here? I watched the most disturbing episode of Hoarders Monday night. The woman that lived in the house (above) was clearly mentally disturbed. There were dead cats buried by debris and her dinning room table was covered in three feet of cat feces. The crew had to stop clearing out the trash because they found what the woman had used as her toilet which was plastic bags that she threw in the doorway that lead to the upstairs. You can see them right beneath the white door with the stain on it. You can only imagine what that might be. It's such a hard thing to understand. Of coarse it reminded me of Grey Gardens. The bottom picture is of the "Edie's" kitchen floor. What is it with cats? If you can't take care of yourself why would you have animals? I know this is an illness and my heart goes out to these poor people. The most positive thing that has come out this is that I have been purging my house of clutter. My laundry room is neat and tidy and I will be going from room to room and putting things in order. Out of some peoples illness is someone else's cure.


Amy said...

I've been watching that show, too. I think it's so sad. It would be so hard being related to a person with this illness and understanding that it is an illness. Though I think it would be just as hard to live like this and either not see a problem or worse, know you have a problem and unable to stop. *sigh* so sad.

pinkstilettos said...

OMG....Seriously, I have a hard time relating. And what was wrong with her toliet that she couldn't use it? Then to save the plastic bags...gosh!!!


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