Friday, July 2, 2010


Hiking the San Tan Mountains was not the stupidest thing that happened this morning. Jeff and I have been doing a six mile hike whenever the opportunity arises for a couple of months now. We were both off today so we decided to go out on an early hike. For those of you who don't know, we live in Arizona where it's 112 degrees out. It wasn't that bad because the monsoons have been threatening us with their clouds, winds and humidity so the constant breeze and a few puffy clouds help us out a little. The second half of the hike is like a roller coaster, up and down with hair pin turns. That's where it got a little hard for me. It was heating up fast but I made it out ok. This is where things got crazy. My spastic husband decided to run the same trail we had just finished. I said "Ok, have fun dying!" He took off while I headed back to the visitors center. I waited for a while and texted Hannah and called my mom. I was just about to hang up with her when here comes Jeff with bloody arms and dirt all over his back. He had fallen but that was the least of his worries. There was a family hiking with no water. A husband and wife with two small boys and a toddler and the wife was seven months pregnant. NO WATER!! What were they thinking? Jeff runs right past me while I yelled "did you fall?!" He said "yes, give me your Gatorade." He filled the water bottles, wet down some bandanas and ran back out to the trail. I went and got the park ranger and told him what was going on so he took off in his truck and drove the wife and little one back. The husband and two boys had come out before the ranger left. They were embarrassed but were very sweet and thanked us and left. Jeff is doing ok with his scraps and I'm sure he'll be out running in the morning. Stay hydrated my friends.

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3 Including Me... said...

Oh my goodness that is not smart! Must have been out of towners not to know to ALWAYS have water.. here in AZ! Stay cool!
Im trying.. thought slightly unsuccesful!


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