Thursday, July 29, 2010

Curb Your Enthusiasm

Have you ever had a Larry David moment? For those of you who aren't familiar with Curb or Larry David a "Larry David" moment is when someone knowingly or unknowingly puts you out. For instance last Halloween we went to the neighbors house for pot luck. The whole neighborhood was there and everyone brought their own chairs. There was just three of us and we bought three chairs. We set them up along with our little cooler with our drinks in it then went and got in line to fill our plates. When we returned to our chairs there was a woman sitting in Hannah's chair. Hmmm, Jeff and I thought, that's weird that someone would just take someones chair without asking or checking to see if it was an extra or something. She was kind of old so we let it go but we pulled it in close the moment she got up and went somewhere. Who does that?

Today Jeff and I went with Hannah to her school to get her schedule and to pay for this and that and while we were walking in a young girl said "excuse me but could I borrow your phone to call my mom?" "Of course" I said. We were all standing around as she asked her mom to come and pick her up then proceeded to chat it up and tell her everything that had happened on her signing up for school adventure. I looked at Jeff who was clearly miffed and said "I'll catch up". She continued to talk for a while and I felt like saying after she hung up "what ever will you talk about now on your way home?"

Now Jeff and I aren't anything like Larry David when it comes to confronting the putter outers and it made for some ab crunching belly laughs on our ride home. Jeff is my daily reminder to find the humor in being put out. I would love to hear your stories.

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corine said...


We were in chinese restaurant and the waiter spilled water in my cleavage, then proceeded to sponge it up! until my husband firmly said: that's enough! Me, I was speechless.


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