Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Birthdays, Antiques and Babies

I have an advantage being a Leap Year baby. I can make the in between years a free for all. I've had four mini celebrations this year which include lunch with my mom, dinner with my kids and Jeff, dinner with the bday four and champagne brunch with the P's. The P's are a group of five and I couldn't even begin to explain what a P is. One of my P's, Sandy, gave me these old English fireplaces that her mom brought back from London many years ago. Aren't they Divine? I love the little dudes holding up the grill. What are those things?!!

The color of these cast iron fronts couldn't be more perfect.

Jeff set them up in the back yard and it's my dream to somehow incorporate them into the back yard sitting area and grill we'd like to create.

My most creative and best friend Kim put together a Sunday brunch for me and had it out on her front porch. It was so much fun.

It wouldn't be a birthday without good champagne.

Kim made delicious lavender cupcakes that were curiously tasty.
Janine and Carmen brought a mushroom and egg dish and home made tamales. Sandy has no interest what-so-ever in cooking so she brought my fab gifts. Good enough!

After this picture was taken I went home and had family over for my sons birthday. He turned 20. My little baby is out of his teens. How time flies. I need to go and watch some home videos and relive those precious moments that I took for granted. I wish I could go back and relive it all over again with my baby's. I wish I had known then how fast they would grow and to really soak in that time and hold them close and kiss them when they actually loved having that done to them. Justin is such a sweet young man and running neck and neck with his father for funniest man I know. I love him and consider myself the luckiest mom in the world because he's mine.


Casey said...

Very belated birthday wishes to you my friend!! It sounds like you had so much fun!! I'd sing to you but the DH usually says no when I ask if I can sing him a song. I believe that might be a hint that I can't carry a tune. But anyway know that the song is there just for you along with wishes for the best of things for you in the coming year.


PS....It was fabulous seeing you this past Saturday!! :)

Fat & Sassy said...

Looks like the baby isn't such a baby any more : (
You look great Shelly---Love ya!

xoxox Minnie

corine said...

I'm not commenting as much (anywhere) for a lot of reasons but I'm here, i'm here, and I do read you :-)

Happy belated b-day!

Anonymous said...

Great post girlfriend! Those fireplaces look great in your yard!

Love you!



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