Thursday, January 14, 2010

When my mom told me about what happened with Kaylee and Jayden my first thought was did Chad cover their eyes, order them to look away or get out of there as quickly as possible? I haven't talked to him yet but I'm sure he did something, its just instinct to protect your children from horrible things like that. Today I was listening to NPR and heard a report on things that were happening in Haiti. The one that hurt me the worst was the one telling how children were sleeping amongst the dead, some of them family members. It was just impossible for parents to protect their children from this horror. I can't even imagine this. I make sure my kids are home at a certain time, I take care of them when they're sick and I protect them from harm, to not have the ability to do that for your children must be heart breaking. For a safe and easy way to help the people of Haiti just text haiti to 90999 and donate $10, it will be added to your next phone bill.

Photo is of my kids circa 1995

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