Wednesday, January 20, 2010


It's wide, it's thick (18gauge) and it has hearts all over it. Hmmm perfect for a little thing called Valentin's Day. Show it to your guy. It's a size eight but I can make one to order. Good luck:) Is it just me or does the first sentence sound kind of's probably just me.


Marti Beson said...

that is really great!

Casey said...

Love the ring Shelly. Of course I had to add it to my Shelly "beautys" I get so many compliments on your jewelry. The one the captures the most attention is the Peruvian Opal bracelet. My co-workers just think it's such a pretty bracelet. They love that that is's a chucky bracelet and has the beautifu silver heart on it. I love it and I'm so glad it's all mine!! :)


corine said...

Ah! with a sentense like this one, no wonder some people get spam :-D

I do love the ring. How much? where?


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