Saturday, December 12, 2009


Oh yes darling, it most definitely was the champagne. It can make you feel like a Queen when you drink the elixir of the ages.
Tonight is our annual champagne group Christmas party. We partake of champagnes from all around the world. I think it might in my top ten favorite nights of the year with all the great champagne, food and friends.

I didn't use to pronounce the "t" in Moet and Chandon but learned that the two little dots over the "e" was politely encouraging you to do so. Pierre Jouet (do not pronounce the "t") and Moet and Chandon are two of my very favorites. I hope they will be joining us tonight.

My table at Christmas will closely resemble the picture above. The children will have sparkeling apple cidar. They love drinking out of my good champagne flutes.

I'll need to ask Larry, the official photographer, to get a shot of me looking this sophisticated but in all likleyhood it will look like the picture that follows.

Now that I think about it it doesn't seem all that bad.

Let me just make one thing clear, to me, enjoying the literal fruits of a champagne makers labors must be done responsibly. During the tasting one only receives half a flute full and proper respect should be paid as to the color, size of bubbles, aroma and taste. Oh who am I kidding, I'm gonna drink the hell out of some bubbly tonight.

**UPDATE** While I was getting ready for the party I realized that Kim had not called me. This is something that never fails, she calls and says "just come by my house and we'll all go together". So I got a funny feeling and called her and said " the party is tonight, right?" She said "no, it's next Saturday, you didn't get all ready did you?" "I'm almost all ready" I replied. Then she burst into a fit a laughter. My husband took me out to dinner instead and we shared a margarita. This is not the first time something like this has happened to me.

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Anonymous said...

Great article and that is just too damn funny! I didn't know that had happened!!!



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