Friday, October 2, 2009


In honor of the Vintage Western Masquerade I will be putting a lot of turquoise and other natural stones in my up coming designs. Cowgirl Chic is the name of this line and rugged is the look. I found this white drusey at the Tucson gem show last February and was just now inspired to make it into something.

The necklace consists of turquoise, chalcedony, jade, chrysophrase, pink tourmaline, gaspeite and Mexican fire opal. It's a one of a kind for sure.

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Nancy said...

Shelly, I have admired your beautiful jewelry for over a year now. I first spotted it on one of my many stops into Domestic Bliss. I love your blog and just wanted you to know that you have another fan out here. Hope I can take a class from you some day.


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