Monday, August 31, 2009


We had a surprise birthday party for my mom on Saturday. I was so looking forward to this so I didn't have to lie anymore or make up stories on the fly or call my sister and warn her of a new wrinkle in the web of deceit. It was all worth it because as you can see she was shocked.

Yes, there were tears.

Here I am on the right with my sister and mom. My brother had the flu so he couldn't make it so my mom made him a sign so he could be in the photo's. One of the lies to get her to dress nicely was that my friend Larry would take pictures of all of us at my house. She normally looks very nice but I was having a pool party (lie).

We sang the happy birthday song that my sister initiated in a key that was just a little too high for my liking and just when it was time for the highest note I hear my son nailing it!! He has a really nice voice but it was just so unexpected and loud that I started laughing so hard. My mom looked over at him somewhat startled and started laughing too. My family is so funny and I feel blessed that I get to belly laugh every single day.

My mom just called and says she would like another surprise party in thirty years. Let me get out the planner.

Larry Slater took all the wonderful pictures. Thanks Larry and Sandy.


Anonymous said...

That was so sweet, Shelly. You are a very dear daughter! But I'm sure your mom tells you that all the time.

Marti Beson said...

happy b irthday marjorie

and will always remember the water in the birthday cake..................


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