Sunday, July 19, 2009

Hey, I got some sewing done!!!

This is what I was trying to make when Maggie interrupted me. I wore it to bunco and I think I have five or six orders now. It's really a lot of fun to make and quick.

I made this top on Sunday in just a couple of hours but that was with many interruptions. It really should only take an hour. I made the applique with some leftover fabric and some wonder under. Love that stuff!!

These tops are so comfortable and are the perfect hot weather apparel.


NicNacManiac said...

WOW...fab tops, love the fabrics and I'll be they are super comfortable!!! Great job!!

Anonymous said...

So cute, Shelly! But seriously, where is the wallpapered kitchen? Did you finish?

Marti Beson said...

these tops are for people with non flabby arms
they are adorable

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking matching P3 black and pink for Temcula???


pinkstilettos said...

I love these tops...I want the 2an one. It's so girly and chic! Are you selling these in your etsy store yet? I am going to have to go check and see. If not can you let me know how much you are selling them for? Daisy~


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