Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Easy like a Sunday morning.

Queen Creek wash is literally my front yard. I love living here but find myself taking the creek for granted. Last Sunday morning I took a brisk walk down the path then went back home and got the dogs and my camera.

We moved in one January and later that month they had let out some water from a dam east of here. The creek was turned into a raging river. I was in my closet getting something and I heard a strange sound so i flipped up the shutter and saw it! I called my husband at work and said "your not going to believe this". When he came home we got out our beach chairs and a couple of beers and sat on the bank. So white trash but hey, it's Arizona.

The water that was in the wash Sunday was run off from the corn field up the way. Of course Jeff says "and we're not supposed to let our faucets run". He's right but it made for such beauty.

Jack, Maggie and I stopped for a break at the neighborhood park and saw Jeff zooming by on his bike. Maggie can't take the heat so we had to cut the walk short.

The picture is enhanced but the contrast of the green tree and the red bush really was striking.

The sunflowers in the front went well with the 4th of July decor. I love the desert. I think I would pick Sedona over Del Mar but if I could afford to live in Sedona maybe I would have a beach house in Del Mar too. One can dream.


Kimberly said...

Looks like fun. we live on a creek too, and I so seldom take advantage. We have enjoyed it lately though. There is a family of foxes with four pups and lots of wood ducks! enjoy, KIM

corine said...

I love to go white trash once in a while. By the way, this picture of you a la Frieda is wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Great pictures and commentary as usual!



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