Monday, June 15, 2009


I made another one of Minnie's skirts (I love that play on words there) and this time used a neutral linen. You can't see it but the lining on the inside is pretty wild. My friend Sharon Crescent sent me some patterns she got from her friend who owns Sublime Stitching. Sharon hand dyes silk and cotton thread for her own needlepoint designs and sent some of that as well. She calls herself the Thread Empress because she sells thread all over the world. The pink thread she sent is called "Pink Champagne" two things I really really love. I think she named it that just for me. Right Sharon?

I love the skull pattern. It was so much fun making this skirt, I'd forgotten how addicting embroidery can be. I'll be sporting it at bunco this Thursday.


domestic bliss said...

sew cute!!! Shelly- did you know we have some of those patterns in the shop? They are sooo cute! LOVE it!
Great job.

Kimberly said...

Okay, I was sitting down to order some patterns from Sublime Stitching and decided to check out my favorite peeps first!! What a surprise!! sounds like you don't need to know everything is 10% off right now. That is one of the patterns on my list. what is the lining!!!???!!! Don't tease like that and not show it! Very, very cute. Have you done any of their other patterns? I want to make a camp pillow case for my kiddos with "Reform Girl" (for my daughter) and the "MOM" Tatoo (for my son). Reform girl looks really difficult with so much detail. I love them! Is yours a skirt skirt or a table skirt? Either way, It is too awesome!! :) KIM P.s. how much would it cost for a similar necklace to your "enchanted" give away?

Kimberly said...

Never mind the skirt question...just got the bunco reference. You'll look darling!! :) KIM

***LIZ*** said...

So cute. What a fun idea. I took Minnie's class to, I think I might have to try something similar. Thanks for the idea.

Nanna said...

I am an avid embroider and this is sooo cute. Very original and fun. Good job. Love, love, love your blog

NicNacManiac said...

This is awesome...makes me want to dig out the thread and get creative...anything is possible!!
Great job!!
Hugs, Nerina :)

Sharon Crescent said...

ahhh, the spawn of new embroiderers...makes me get all misty. Jenny Hart is mucho talented...the Roller Derby pattern is my personal fav.

And of course you can claim Pink Champagne, Beson. ;)

Sharon Crescent


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