Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Don't you love it when you get together with a friend and you laugh your ass off? Unfortunately I don't mean literally. This is how the story went.

My friend Kim and I had gone into Mesa to basically just goof around. I had an errand to run at Domestic Bliss and she suggested we look at some retro apartments that had just been renovated. Now Kim and I are like two peas in a pod. We think alike, act alike, listen to the same music and laugh at the same things. I love being around Kim because I can be absolutely myself. We were done with shopping and decided to go to Pete's Fish and Chips, a local favorite, for lunch. On the way home we were just driving along when I looked down and saw my protruding belly hanging over my seat belt. I said while poking it "look at this isn't it disgusting?" Kim said "hey I've got one too." Kim's is much smaller than mine so I hid an eye roll and said "why is it so hard to lose this thing?" Kim said "I know, it doesn't matter how many crunches you do it just wont go away." Then I said "I think I know why, let me tell you what I had to eat yesterday." The day before was a Friday and on my way to work I realized I had forgotten my yogurt and already feeling hungry I stopped at Mickey D's and got a number one with an orange juice. That's an egg mcmuffin and a potato cake for those of you who choose not to patronize this fine establishment. I managed to put in a full five hours in at work and since it was Friday I recieved my paycheck. On the way to the bank is a Dairy Queen so I swung in for a medium snickers blizzard. I knew it was wrong but it was Friday and payday and this was my treat for having to suffer the bank. Around six pm my husband and I went to a local bar and grill because it was Friday and that's what we do. We share a pitcher of the oh so tasty 8th street ale, some fried zuccini and a chicken tenders and french fry plate. While I'm finishing up my story I look over at Kim and she's holding her stomache with one hand a steering with the other. She would occasionally take her hand off of her stomache and wipe the tears out of her eyes. Then she proceeded to tell me what she had the day before.

She woke up to some leftover cookies that the neighbor had brought over. Because they were oatmeal raisen she figured they couldn't be that bad. She ate four. For lunch she had the four item meal at Taco Bell. Then it was on to Chick a fila for an ice cream cone. Now I was laughing. Hard. We were both laughing so hysterically it hurt. We were poking our guts and laughing our asses off. Unfortunalty not literally.


P3 Girlfriends said...

Now thats funny I don't care who ya are!

Kimberly said...

Wow! Sounds like fun to me! Who would want to give up so much yum fun for a flat belly?? I am sure they are over rated, just like long legs, big boobs and a super tight bottom! :) Kim

Marti Beson said...

i love it

Anonymous said...

OMG! That is too damn funny!!! I love you guys and your bellies!


JTVega said...

You are two Peas in a pod. Last Thursday and Friday I had too eat like a horse to start this HCG diet, you load up on fat for 2 days.
I had a big bowl Reeses cereal W/ whole milk, Starbucks english muffin w/sausage,egg,cheese. A mocha frap. chocolate milk, banana nut muffin. Lunch was 3 pizza slices, ice cream,cheese chrisp w/chicken. Dinner was a Big Mac, pizza, antipasta salad, french fries. Repaeted this craziness on Friday I wanted to vomit. But I have a belly from my 4 babies that are all grown up and I still fill 6 months pg. and I can't breathe in my clothes so I doing this diet for 40 days and I'm loving it.

P3 Girlfriends said...

Enjoy food, enjoy life..... we will NEVER be 21 again, and who cares! There is nothing better than your favorite food and sharing it with your favorite girlfriends!


Kathryn said...

OK-now I have tears coming out of my eyes from laughing..You relieved my guilt from yesterday--now I will relieve yours--My menu yesterday: Breakfast-veggie chips & almost an entire carton of french onion dip. Lunch-gummy bears and some trisquits with Laughing Cow Light cheese (yes,Light-less fat of course!. Oh, and for a little dessert--part of a peppermint patty. Dinner-3 slices of pepperoni pizza. Scary seeing it written in print.Can you say muffin top?

Deborah said...

Oh my, you are delightful!


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