Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Idol worship

For some reason I'm embarrassed to admit this but I watch American Idol. Do any of you have this problem ( the admitting part)? Well now that I'm out I want to publicly support Kris. I like his style and I like the fact that he plays the guitar and piano. Adam is too theatrical and screamy for me. He sounds like an eighties hair band singer to me. And wasn't that song they both had to sing horrible?!! Ick. I never watch the second show until the last five minutes and that's what I'll do tonight. Good luck Kris.


Kimberly said...

I honestly do not watch Idol, but I do follow it. Kris has all our support, after my teanage daughter's friends showed me some of Adam's really risque acts on the web. Not who I want my kids to Idolize!! Go Kris!

Shawn said...

I loved Kris too and so happy that he won. :) Little frustrated with the media coverage this morning already trying to point out that the one they clearly wanted to win will be better off 'cuz he came in 2nd place. Wish they'd give Kris at least one day to be the American Idol winner. Seemed rather unpopular to be a Kris fan so it's great to see there were apparently enough of us out there for him to win. :)

Anonymous said...


Don't be embarrassed about watching Idol - I don't watch it but millions of people do!!! It's good fun!

Love you girlfriend!



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