Tuesday, March 31, 2009


No, this is not a joke. This is really happening. Monday was my grandmothers birthday and she would have been 102 years old. Sadly she "only" made it to 100. She was quite the jokster. One April Fools Day she called me and told me that her poodle Mitzi had puppies. I was about ten I guess and believed her right away and started to hyperventilate. I knew the dog was spayed but it didn't matter my grandma wouldn't lie to me. Then she started laughing that laugh of hers which was uncontrollable and contagious. Looking back now it's really very funny but not when I was ten. I think I even cried a little. She was a good ol' gal that Blanche.

If you have a funny April Fools Day story lets hear it. By leaving a comment you are in the running to becoming America's next giveaway winner. Happy April!!

**note from Mother. Do you remember how bad Mom felt when she realized her April Fool's joke backfired on her? You guys were so excited thinking you would get one of Mitzi's puppies.

I will reveal the winner on Monday!!


JTVega said...

Hi Shelly,
Sounds like you have longivity on your side,amazing 100 yrs.old she had a wonderful sense of humor. My kids called me at work last year,they use my car and of course said that they were in car accident and having all four in the car I worry but the little shits were joking, I didn't pay attention to April fool's so I will have to pull one on them in the morning. Maybe I'll put my dog in the garage in the morning and say see ran away. Bentley is a poodle/terrior

Anonymous said...

Okay - I'm a dork! I totally overlooked this beautiful necklace that I would so love to have - here's my April Fool's Joke -

We had this man and wife who were clients so Larry thinks he gonna trick me and says - oh I have bad news, they are getting divorced. (But he was kidding) but I found out before he knew that I knew (make sense) - and got him back. Later that day I said oh my G-d Larry, "Jane" called and I told her I was sorry to hear they were getting divorced and she started crying because she had no idea what I was talking about! He turned pale and started saying "It was an April Fool's Joke - oh my G-d what did you do!!" I started laughing - GOTTEM BACK GOOD!


Fern Conaway said...

One April Fools' Day I layered strips of Doublement gum in my husband's sandwich that I packed for his lunch. Of course, once he started chewing and chewing and chewing he realized what day it was and what I had done to him.

***LIZ*** said...

I LOVE this!!! I hope I win, I put you on my blog too!

susan m said...

I called my husband at work and told him that Nascar was no longer allowing Chevy cars to race. He didn't bite. However, when I told the same thing to my co-worker, he got all worked up!!

Fat & Sassy said...

Okay, I don't have this one yet.


I called Hubby at work and told him Mr. Lyon called and he needs to call him back and gave him the local zoo number. When he called the zoo, they said "Mr. Lyon is sleeping right now but you can speak to Mr. Giraffe".

We are a bunch of pranksters-watch out!

Hope I win... Hugs Minnie

Marsha trevino said...

Well i got April fooled. I kept hearing a cat meowing. I thought that one of mine was locked in a closet somewhere. Well they were sleeping like i should be surprised about that. I called my son later and asked if he was hearing a cat meowing. Of coarse he didn't hear it. I found out this morning that the radio station was playing an April fools joke. LOL At least I didn't have some stray cat in my house!!

Susan Lamb said...

My boyfriend played a joke on me this week. He told me that his ex-girlfriend called him and told him that she had had his baby and was finally letting him know. I knew that he had been snipped but I still froze and was shocked for a bit!!

Okay Shelly, That should be good enough to win the necklace!!!


Casey said...

Ok Miss Shelly....hand me a brown paper bag...I'm hyperventilating over the fabulous necklace. It's silver and has a heart. Does it get any better? I love it and all you beautiful designs. How generous and sweet of you to have such a beautiful give away prize. And your Grandmother sounds like a delightful person. How lucky you were to have her in your life.


vicki archer said...

What a fab giveaway and a great way to celebrate April. Thank you for visiting French Essence and have a wonderful weekend. xv


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