Monday, February 16, 2009

I'm talkin' 'bout Quiche, Quiche Loraine

When I was about twenty one I had a small white, fluffy dog named Quiche Loraine and yes I did name her after the B52's song by the same name. She was such a sweet dog, when I went to pick out a puppy she was one of six and she was the only one that came to me so I chose her back. My mother insisted she be spayed so my mom took her in and paid for the surgery. A couple of years go by and I was moving out and was planning on taking Quiche with me. My mom had other plans (oh, I forgot to tell you that she was totally against me getting a puppy). She said if I paid her back for the spay surgery I could take her and not wanting to brake my moms heart I let her have Quiche. I really loved that dog but I knew my mom would take great care of her. One day I dyed her pink with food coloring (which was perfectly safe according to our vet). I wish I had a picture. I found this picture and thought of that sweet little puff ball Quiche Loraine.

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