Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Someone called me the "C" word !!!

Can you believe that!! The "C" word. So there I was visiting with some family and friends when a couple I've only met once before told me that they saw my blog and liked it. The husband said "yeah, you're really crafty". I thought to myself "did he just say what I think he said?" I was just about to pounce when his beautiful wife said "no honey, she's not crafty, she's an artist." Defcon five quickly become defcon one and then I was back to my calm, subdued self once again. Now I'm not saying that I can't be crafty just that my jewelry is NOT crafty. Here is an example of what I consider crafty. This is a silver tray I bought at an antique store about two years ago. Last weekend I decided to doll it up.

This little piggy is also crafty. My friend Kim made our little group of five these piggy banks for us to save our money in for our once a year trip. The first trip we took was to Hollywood, Ca. We saved all year and Kim put together a very memorable trip indeed. Our first night there we stayed at the Mondrian, a hotel owned by Randy Gerber. The Skybar is located there and we partied there that night. It's usually frequented by some (relatively) big stars but not that night, of coarse. The rest of the trip we stayed at the Valadon. We each had things that we really wanted to do. Kim wanted to star gaze (in her case I think it could be considered stalking) which we did to no avail. Others wanted to shop, go to Malibu, drive through Beverly Hills and we did it all. My wish was to have dinner at the Chateau Marmont which we did. We had so much fun I wonder what the next one will be.


Anonymous said...

LOVE MY P's!!! DON'T SEE THEM ENOUGH! The pig looks great! and you are crafty!

I thought you were gonna say someone called you a . . . conservative!!! phew!!

love you


corine said...

You're jewelry is so NOT crafty. Not that there is anything wrong with it :-))

Chateau Marmont and L. A. that's a lot of pennies.

jodi_gish said...

Awesome work...maybe crafty as in magical?

Casey said...

Hello there my friend....I just had to voice just a small opinion. You are crafty!! You make some of the most beautiful pieces I have ever seen! BTW...I love the it for sale?? :) My only wish is to win the lottery and have unlimited Shelly bucks! LOL


Casey said...

Me again Miss Shelly....I just thought of a couple more things to descibe what yout's beautiful, original, fabulous, gorgeous, simply the best and ok you are an fantastic artist my friend!! How I wish I was as talented as you!


Anonymous said...

Hi Shelly! I've left you several comments on various posts but I'm not seeing them. This is crazy.


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