Thursday, January 8, 2009


I was sent this video in an email from one of my BFF's Christy Johnson and to say it made me cry would be an understatement. Now I'm not one for public displays of emotion but I was home alone so I blubbered like a baby and when I was done I sent it to all my BFF's including Christy. I was so deeply moved by this woman that I had to send it on so my friends would understand just how much they all mean to me. It is a fact that sometimes I don't deserve the loyalty and love I receive from my friends but they stick around nonetheless. I love them all dearly for so many different reasons and I wouldn't make it through this journey without them. I want for everyone that visits my blog to see this and pass it on to their journey mates and your friends will email you back or call you and say thank you, I cried and I love you too.


Cote de Texas said...

thanks, I'm bawling now. boy can I relate.

corine said...

Beautiful. And yes I got all choked up. Sheesh.


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