Friday, December 12, 2008


Thank you to all who came to my trunk show last night, you made it a huge success again. The highlight of the evening happened before the party even started. My mother in law Marti Beson came in with the most beautiful painting she has ever done (mho) and said "merry Christmas Shelly". I looked up and when I saw it I gasped, my vocal chords seized up and what words made it over my lips were all wobbly. I fought the tears hard, I even did that thing everyone does when they're trying not to cry, you know, the fanning of the face with your hands. I don't know why people do that it doesn't work. Marti said "you need to hang it in your pink bathroom behind the door, I painted it for just that spot". So I dutifully found hammer and nail and hung it in my pink bathroom BEHIND THE DOOR!! This bathroom is really a powder room two people can hardly move in there together but I insisted on every newcomer to the party to come in the bathroom with me and take in the painting. Everyone had the exact same reaction, gaping mouth and then "oh my God!" After the millionth person was made to squeeze in the small bathroom with me it dawned on me, she painted the wallpaper that I posted as one of my Christmas desires. I asked her if this was in fact the case and she said yes. I'm sure you're asking yourself "is she going to keep it in the bathroom" and the answer is absolutely NOT this baby needs to be front and center!!! It will become my focal point my inspiration from which every decorating decision will flow. Thank you Marti!!! You've made me deliriously happy!!!


Anonymous said...

IT WAS TOTALLY AWESOME!!! So was your party! MAZEL TOV!!!


P3 Girlfriends said...

THE COLORS! THOSE WONDERFUL COLORS! You are a lucky girl to have Marti as a Mother in Law - not only is she special, her art ROCKS!!!!!!! this reminds me of the one we have of hers, Put it front and center and find something else for the back of your bathroom door.

Love you Marti and Shelly ~


Marti Beson said...

my life with art has not been anything compared to this absolutely
overwhelming comments about this painting and the feelings it evokes. i am humbled (and that aint easy)
thank you.
i love you

Casey said...

Hi my gosh Shelly I absolute love the paintin Marti did for you!
Thank you for sharing your pictures since I wasn't able to come to your truck show. Also I love you dream kitchen, I think you should have it as your own!!
And on my gosh, I am hyperventilating over you gorgeours jewelry. It I win the lottery be the first one I call....I want one of everything!!!


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