Sunday, October 12, 2008


This is me and my brother back from the fair circa 1965. I'm sure I was crazy about my hat, I mean who wouldn't be, look at it! This picture was taken in my grandmother's backyard in down town Gilbert, I remember it well. I'm gonna tell you a story that makes my friends clutch their stomach's and howl with laughter when I tell it. I'm sure it sounds better in person but I'm gonna give it a try. When I was about five years old we lived at this house with my grandmother while my dad was in Turkey serving in the Air Force. My grandmother took care of her father until he died at the age of 94. I remember him well too. He was the type of man that always had to be doing something and his favorite thing to do was work out in the yard. He always wore a "uniform" which consisted of light brown Khaki pants and shirt tucked in with a belt. If I have my story straight he had fallen and broken his hip and was confined to a wheel chair. He didn't like that! He constantly tried to get out of that chair so my grandma had to tie his hands to the arms. So one day I was in that backyard swinging in the porch swing eating a pork chop and he was out there sitting in his wheel chair with his hands tied. He looked at me and said "young fella, let me have that knife, " he obviously wanted to cut himself out of that chair. I said "it's a pork chop". He said a little louder "young fella, let me have your knife!" I said a little louder "it's a pork chop!" He then bellowed "g#@ d*#@ it give me that knife !!!!!" Then I screamed back "IT'S A PORK CHOP!!!!!" The whole time my mom was at the kitchen window doing dishes and listening to this ludicrous screaming match between and five year old and a 94 year old and laughing her head off. I must add here that my great grandfather called everyone "young fella" but I really think it was because my mom thought it would be really cute to cut my hair into a pixie. I thought differently. I have so many fond memories of my childhood. I had the best grandma ever. She provided for me a very "Mayberry" upbringing and I miss her.


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Shelly, everytime you tell that story I vision you with your Grandpa and that curly hair of yours yelling at the top of your lungs "IT'S A PORK CHOP" To damn funny.



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