Saturday, September 13, 2008


Have you ever wondered what it would be like if there was no music? Music is such a huge part of my everyday existence and I really don't think I could live without it. I listen to everything from Mozart to My Morning Jacket. Speaking of MMJ, they have a concert coming up that Jeff, myself and some friends are going to. They're a mixture of The Band, The Greatful Dead, The Allman Brothers and Prince. Yeah, I said Prince. Just listen and you can hear it. I listened to one of their songs called Dondonte. I was at work and in full Zen mode when it came on my Ipod. I had to stop what I was doing and just stand there and listen. It blew my mind. Later that day I called my friend and told her to down load it, wait for a time when she would not be interrupted, go into a dark room, sit on the floor and crank it!! Try it for yourself but if you have a flash back don't blame me.

Music moves me. Have you ever listened to a song that has said something so deep and meaningful and at the same time had a slide guitar playing in the background? It's pure heaven. I love the slide guitar with it's haunting sound. For a lot of people it's a smell that takes them back to a certain memory of childhood for me it's music. For instance whenever I hear "Having my baby" I remember my mom driving me around at five in the morning on my paper route. Or "You light up my life" driving to church every Sunday for fifty Sunday's. "Sometimes when we touch" catapults feelings of insecurity at the Jr. High dance into my mind. I listened to Enya when I was having my daughter so there's a very special feeling I get when I hear her. My son was in a band called Sinshrift, they played the really screamy, loud, speed metal stuff. He's the drummer which means the band comes to our house for practice. Oui!! He's an excellent drummer and I love that he feels the same way about music as I do but it's my secret wish that he'd go back to playing Nirvana covers. Gotta love Nirvana!

On my playlist are some new songs that reflect my love of the southern fried, soulful and bluesy sound. As you listen you might notice that I'm a sucker for very sad music. Sad music makes me happy. I know that sounds contrary and I don't know why but it makes me happy that I'm alive. My kids roll their eyes when I put in my home made CD's in the car stereo but one day I heard my daughter singing a Patti Griffin song from the back seat. She was just starring out the window in a day dream and singing this sad folky lullaby and it warmed my heart. If you would like to listen to my playlist while your surfing just go to file in the top left hand corner and open a new file so you can listen uninterrupted. I bought a Bose sound system for my computer ( one of my best investments) so I can really crank up the volume. I highly recommend it. Music is very personal so I hope you will find something you like here.

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Anonymous said...

"Music moves me" I dig that about you! Totally get it and how sad songs make you happy. Just downloaded The Rain and Soulshine.



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