Thursday, June 12, 2008

Best Dad In The World

He's really cute !!

He likes to teach the kids how to intimidate other kids at the carnival !!

He likes to have a drink and forget about all the things he has to do for his kids !!

He likes the "get away" and go on week long hikes (without the kids) !!

He walks the dogs for the kids !!

He cleans up after his kids !!

He's a great dancer !!

He has a great dad of his own !!


Anonymous said...

I am quite a guy ...........


Cote de Texas said...

cute? he is gorgeous!

thanks by the way for your ultra wonderful comment. I couldn't get over how many republicans who were reading my blog and who got so mad at me! i mean, really, give me a break!!!! what do you think of Sarah. Does she speak to YOU? hahahah - I hate her guts!!!! hahah -= seriously. My bad!


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