Saturday, April 12, 2008

You have no idea!!

You're looking at this bracelet and thinking "that's a nice, simple bracelet" but you have no idea how hard it was making this monster. First I watched a lesson on the internet and thought wow, that is so easy. I've had this design in my head for a long, long time but never had the patience to learn chain maille. So I got to work and made all the rings myself with my nifty jump ringer. I sat down and started putting the rings together just like the tutorial instructed. Now for those of you who really know me I'm pretty laid back for the most part with occasional insane outbursts. You would have thought that I had just been released from an insane asylum. I need some orbit because I had a dirty mouth. Christy's daughter was sleeping in Hannah's room to my horror but I'm not sure if she heard any of my rants, man I hope not. After three hours I finished. Yeah. It's not even done. I ran out of the crystals and I think I'll add more smaller ones on the outside rings. I think I'll have to charge about one million dollars for this just for the frustration. I need to check my blood pressure now. Happy Saturday all.

Sold but for less than a million.


Janine said...

Shelly, this bracelet is BEAUTIFUL!! You have the patience of Obama, hehehehehehehehe Great Job!!!!

Anonymous said...

utI think she meant the Dali Lama! or Job.

It is beautiful but if you sell it for a million dollars, I will have to let Deborah get it!



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